Magnet Play Box (3y+)


This creative Magnet Play Box aimed at kids and baby education makes it fun to learn and practice their coordination skills, help to recognize animals and objects, and the environment they belong in.  They can create their own scenery by placing the magnetic objects on the board, wherever they want, resulting in hours of fun learning.

This game you can improve your child’s intelligence, exercise their logical and spatial thinking ability, providing them with a great advantage in their future development.

Play and Learn is key in any young minds healthy development.

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Baby educational toys and or kids educational games are vital in the development of young minds.  This facilitates kids and baby learning in a fun and interactive way, which stimulates the will to learn even more.  It has the potential to give them a head start advantage and ease the way for future formal education at a progressive trend. What can be better than to get your child to learn while they play?

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